Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 is just ONE sleep away!

Richard and I have had numerous talks and I am deferring uni this year in favour of spending the year at home with the kids. I'm really looking forward to getting really involved withe the kidlets and getting them immersed in the things that I love.

Taylor has asked for a sewing machine for her birthday in 2010 which I think will be a great lifelong present and to go with it, I think I'll make a little pack for her with her own scissors, fabrics, threads, and I already have some patterns for her :)

James has been so reluctant to be involved in craft for a long time now. At the op shop a few weeks ago, I bought a craft pack with Thomas on it which he is excited about so we might open it next week after swimming lessons and get to making something!

Ellie and I are going to be spending a LOT of time together hehehe. She is up to so much mischief at the moment getting into cupboards and the fridge lol. I can't wait to start doing things together :)

I'm planning on being very creative this year and as such, I've joined in Carolyn's 2010 challenge to make something each month in order to challenge myself.

I'm really looking forward to coming up with set items to make each month! I think with being home for the year means I'll be able to really participate in this year long challenge to the best of my ability :)

My new year resolutions:

  • Organise my sewing area and keep it that way
  • Use a different pattern every month to sew
  • Ride the kids to school whenever the weather allows (James and Ellie in the trailer to begin with)
  • Use the cross trainer weekly
  • Setup and maintain a cleaning and tidying schedule (I will be blogging this and the eventual results too)
  • Menu plan at least for weeknights
  • Establish a reasonable budget and STICK WITH IT
  • Home make ALL  Christmas presents this year - including the kids (our focus is shifting to appreciation instead of collection of crap hehe)
  •  More may be added.....

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