Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No sewing but great news!

Today was playgroup's Christmas party so I adorned my youngest kids in their matching Christmas clothes, myself in my new homemade top, grabbed the now wrapped secret santa gift and container with cookies and away we went. Planned was a Dora bouncy castle as well as wonderful face painting by Nikki-Marie.

I'd like to explain that James (almost 4yrs) has had numerous issues with sensory sensitivities including application of sunscreen, hairbrushing etc which we have been working with this year. It's been a hard slog with slow progress.

However, today James astounded me and made me SOOOOO proud!!!!! He had his face painted!!! What an awesome difference it was to the boy we started the year with. We started off with a spider on one forearm (with me verging on fighting the resistance that is James) which progressed into another on the other arm with a web and then - ON HIS OWN ACCORD got another spider painted on his face!

Here comes the web!

Showing off all three spiders!

 More showing off lol

He was so proud of them! When we got to daycare, he showed his carers as well as showing Taylor about 100 times after getting home!!


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