Saturday, December 5, 2009

This is why Richard doesn't like me going out with Donni!

why? because I come home with fabric :P

Textile Traders (yes, I had a reason for going there - needed some thread!) had 30% of craft fabrics which meant their prepacked cotton prints in 1.5m lots were only $5 each! As anyone who has seen my fabric stash can atest, I'm a fabric whore and it doesn't take much to entice me!

So, I was brave and only came home with TWO (could have been MUCH worse lol) 1.5m lots with plans to transform them into dresses for Ellie!

The first one jumped at me to go with black or denim for a dress or possibly peasant top..... or maybe both??

The second is a border print. I like them after making Ellie and Taylor's dresses! I think Ellie will look gorgeous in a dress like the MM animals one made from this! Who knows, she might need a new dress for the hafla tomorrow night!!

Forgot to add:

James came with us (as well as Ainsley) and he didn't come away empty handed! He got a buzz car from the op shop and then chose a fat quarter:
Not entirely sure what we are going to do with it but he picked it up saying "Mum, this is mine" so how could I resist (for $1.75 lol). I was thinking of making him some of these so maybe he needs a matching wallet or something?? Anyone have any good boy ideas for a fat quarter?

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