Friday, December 4, 2009

Something for James!

Finally got around to making James some pants out of this Michael Miller print that I got too many months ago hehe

He was very eager while I was making them and kept coming back to check on me for progress reports lol

I'm quite happy with how they turned out however next time I'll be adding some more butt space lol Why do I have kids with big bums damnit!

The pants:

The action shot - that's his little sisters drink bottle hehe

So, what's next on the to do list?

  1. Backpack for Tom's birthday (next weekend) might make this tonight :)
  2. Christmas dress for Taylor - will match Ellie's Christmas dress - cutting this out tonight :)
  3. Christmas set for James - thinking long shorts with an appliqued shirt, not sure which fabric to use for a special outfit though - hard to decide when the girls will be matching!
  4. Something for me! I have a literal tonne of fabric that I have bought with good intentions

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