Monday, December 14, 2009

So much to do!!

Ok, thought I'd make a list of everything I need to finish before Christmas. I am hereby pledging NOT to make anything not on the list until two things on the list are completed!

  • Complete and wrap secret santa present for playgroup tomorrow!!!
  • Jason's Christmas present (sewing)
  • Mum's Christmas present (sewing and making)
  • Mel's Christmas present (sewing)
  • Dad's Christmas present (sewing)
  • Nanna's Christmas present (sewing and making)
  • A little something for Caitie and Lilly
  • Gen's Christmas present
  • Dad's 50th present - needs to be completed!
Gee, not much at all there!!! The upside is that I have started most of it and at least know what I'm doing for all bar one. Ok, off I go to finish the present for tomorrow! Playgroup goes from 9am-1pm tomorrow and I'm hoping to be able to cross something off my list before dinner tomorrow. I think probably Gen's present and maybe cut out Jason's too!

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Brooke said...

Sorry to do this to you....

I have nominated you for the Honest Scrap award.

Post 10 things most people dont know about you, and pass it onto 7 others.