Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Advent Blog -A-Long

I've decided to join the Advent Blog-A-Long. I will be endeavouring to post daily until Christmas with something that I've created each day.

We had some cream in the fridge that needed to be used today and the kids had icy poles this afternoon (made with cordial) which was apparently a big let down lol. So, today's effort was ice cream!

600ml cream
1 tin condensed milk
1cup chocolate melts chopped up
4 scotch finger biscuits crumbled

I mixed the cream and milk until thick before adding the chocolate and biscuits. I then put some in icy pole molds and some in other containers for me and Richard!

Adding the chocolate:

Adding the biscuits:

In the icy pole molds:

The end result:

It's yummy but oh so very sweet :P I plan on doing some sewing tonight but not sure what yet! I'm still yet to start on Tom's backpack so I really should get onto that but realistically I know that won't be tonight!

So, what am I going to make?? Off to browse blogs and craftster for inspiration!

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