Sunday, December 6, 2009

Years ago...

My Mum had a boob tube dress made out of green satin with some cream flowers scattered on it. She got rid of the dress a long time ago however has hung on to the remaining fabric all these years - till recently!

You see, Mum stopped sewing a long time ago and as such, passed on her sewing machine, overlocker and horn sewing cabinet to little old me (how lucky am I!!) she also passed on most of her fabric that she was still holding on to. One of the pieces of fabric she gave me, was indeed the leftovers from said dress!!

Since Mum gave it to me, I have been waiting for inspiration to hit as I want to turn it into something for her. I saw a tute a long time ago for lined zippered purses and then forgot about it. Donni made some for the hafla yesterday which reminded me and so I dug out Mum's satin and made her a little zippered purse lined with some nice floral print that I got from Spotlight.

It didn't turn out anywhere near as good as I had hoped but as it was my first I'm not too worried and Mum will still love it! I'll keep my thinking cap on and see if I can come up with something else matching to go with it - maybe an eye mask and something else.



I love the fabric combo that I used and will definitely use the same combo for anything else I make to go with it :)

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Pink Elephant said...

You could try the Ottobre Dotted Dream purse to go with it!

Just lurking in from EB!