Saturday, December 5, 2009

Outfits for the Christmas Hafla

Ok here I am yet again!

I've made Ellie a dress and James some pants for the Hafla tonight. James saw the dress and insisted that he needs a dress too and not pants this was however when I was half way through his pants and upon seeing them, he was quite pleased lol.

The dress is a peasant style top that I found a tute for here I extended it a little to make it a dress and added a band of elastic mid torso and some back ties :)


The pants I followed the same tute as before from here but added some pockets in the same Christmas print as Ellie's dress.



The outfits both ready!

Pretty pleased with how they both turned out :) The dress I will definitely make again but shrink the width a bit first :P The pants I just need to work on pocket location I think. Richard saw them on James just after I finished them and I got "oh they are REAL pants" lol I don't think he thinks lounge pants are real pants hehee

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