Thursday, December 3, 2009

Finally, a creation! (or two)

So, here is Ellie's christmas outfit for this year! Pretty pleased with it overall and just crossing my fingers that it will fit well :) Followed the tute from here

The front:
The back (yes looks the same except you can kinda see where I put elastic in the bodice piece and the back seam where the print doesn't quite line up):

And also..... the Christmas Tree hanging with 3 kiddies pouches instead of a typical Advent Calendar. The kids get something little in their pouches every day. I made the pouches a decent size so that they can be used during the year as well as I'm sure they will choose different prints for their pouches next year!

The tree - empty lol

The tree - with the pouches

The pouches. Taylor chose the dragons fabric when she came to Textile Traders some time during the year. The wonky trains if of course James' as he is only 'slightly' obsessed with trains hehe. The oriental fishy flowers I bought from the remnant box at Spotlight for $1/m and I love it! I also got the same print but in red and I'm planning on either making a reversible pinny or possibly the Faith dress I've seen on others blogs.
I've got James' santa sack half finished (will finish tonight) as well as cutting and sewing the girls'. I'm also going to make Taylor a skirt or dress to match Ellie for Christmas - will ask her which she wants tonight! Other than that, I need to decide what I'm doing for James' Christmas outfit as so far I'm drawing a blank! Might do some shorts and an applique t-shirt. Will see if I can find some spunky ideas on some blogs hehe

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