Saturday, December 12, 2009

Advent Blog -A-Long Day 11

Ok, so I'm cheating because I haven't actually blogged every day this month but it is the 11th :P

Taylor has a sleep over party tomorrow night and she doesn't have a toilet bag - bad mum I know! So, I thought I'd just whip something up for her big enough to hold her brush, toothbrush etc. The exterior is a cotton print from TT that I laid eyes on and just knew I had to get for my girl! It's been sitting in my stash for a few months waiting for me to do something with it! The lining is some satin from SL's remnant box for $1 that I really did NOT enjoy sewing with lol.


This is the truest to the lining colour:

The lining:

 This is how bright the colours are IRL:

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