Thursday, December 10, 2009

$5 later....

I went to SL today as some fabric I got yesterday had a fault in it and I also needed more black thread. I was doing REALLY well and only got what I needed until I noticed that their lucky dip bags had been reduced to $5 each!!! What's a girl to do right? So, I got one! Yes, only ONE!!!

Here is what was in it!
Part one:

2x Papier paper and wood paints
2x 200 silver photo corners
slick writer (permanent marker for slick surfaces)
memory system texta (thick one end, thin the other)
10pk silver heart charms
6pk scrappy christmas tiles
love theme brads
5pk pirate ship die cut outs
2x puffy stickers packs
Hannah Montana Applique label
2x Hannah Montana iron on transfers
10pk square cards
10pk punch out cards
3pk paper mache luggage tags

Part two:

2x Halloween reusable decals pages
blade storage tray
scrappy tile embellishments

And there was also some scrapping paper and a few (5) trick or treat bags too... oh and a plastic chair cover lol

How awesome is that for $5!!??

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Brooke said...

I really need to start looking at those. WOW!