Monday, December 14, 2009

Something for me!

Ok, so I'm always making things for the kids because they are so quick and easy and I am VERY much an instant gratification person when it comes to creating :P

Tonight however, I made something for me!

I found the black print at SL months and months ago knowing that I would make something with it for me but just never got to it till now. I got the green knit from an op shop and I honestly never paired them up till this afternoon when I was perusing my stash. My stash is MUCH too large so things sometimes get lost for a while hehe.




What will I do differently? I needed to cut the neck hole bigger so that it sits under my boobs properly instead of kinda at nipple line. That's why I added the elastic under my boobs - to keep it there lol. I'd also cut BIGGER so that I can alter easier! I do love how it looks from behind! I am still tempted to turn it into a little shrug instead of the top but will leave it as this top for the time being at least! If I do change it, I'll add a black band underneath and probably a couple of snaps to do it up :)

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