Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hello 2010!!

Ok, so this it my first post for 2010 - can you believe it?? It is almost half way through the month already!!

This year, I want to get organised and stay that way (at least on some level!)  With the kids in full time care, the house wasn't too bad but with them all home all the time now, the house is looking like a warzone pretty much every day (and I'll admit, it was never 'good' to begin with!).

So, for the coming week I have the following plan......
Monday 11th Jan
  • go through all of Taylor's clothes and sort into wearable/chuckable/op shop-able etc and get them OUT of her room!!
  • sort out the linen cupboard - in desperate need of being done! I'm thinking I'll follow the hint of putting the sheet sets inside the matching pillow case so things don't get separated
  • vacuum James and Taylor's rooms (Ellie's was done today)
Tuesday 12th Jan
  • sort James and Ellie's clothes the same as Taylor's
  • clean both bathrooms (including toilets which will then become a Friday chore)
  • plan what I am making for the EB new year sewing swap
Wednesday 13th Jan
  • container cupboard - chuck all the odds and tidy - wipe it all out
  • appliance cupboard - make sure all the bits for each appliance are there, wipe out cupboard
  • clear out our wardrobe - it is SHOCKING! I want to be able to actually use the space in there and to do that, I need to get HEAPS of stuff out of there and organise it, find new homes for it all and vacuum
Thursday 14th Jan
  • take photos of all the items I want to sell on EB and/or ebay (while Ellie is sleeping)
  • tidy my bedroom (which is appalling currently)
  • bake something with the kids for snacks
Friday 15th Jan
  • take the kids to the zoo - with snacks, lunch, drinks etc (catching the train and ferry)
Saturday 16th Jan
  • change and wash all towels
I'm hoping that after the next couple of weeks, the house will be in a state where spending 15mins on each room will be enough to keep it looking tidy and comfortable. This week, I will also be spending 15mins each day on a problem area which at this stage is my sewing area - whoops! I need it all organised so that I can get in there and sew without being surrounded by clutter!


sunshinedays said...

sounds like a great plan! i might join you on some of those activities :)

i started doing the sheet sets inside pillow cases thing last year - makes it SO much easier!

Me-O-Mi said...

Your household chores sound strangely like mine do. The only diffenece I have not written them down, so that way if i don't do them then i won't feel so bad. Enjoy your week!

Kelly said...

So far, the plan hasn't quite gone to plan! Today I plan on rectifying that! :)