Saturday, January 16, 2010

Doing better at a few things

Ok, so most of my Friday list is done :) Tomorrow when Ellie is down for a sleep, I'll do the appliance cupboard and mop the floors!

Time for me to do the plan for the coming week I think. I'm going to put less on each day and see if that helps in getting it done - maybe I was being a tad unrealistic??

Here goes.......

  • take all of the 'too small' clothes out of the kids rooms - sort into selling, giving and op shopping
  • wash nappies (just a reminder of which days)
  • 15min tidy - lounge, dining and kitchen
  • container cupboard
  • cut everything for the NY swap
  • decide on what to make for the 2010 January challenge - 'Something for me'
  • 15min tidy - lounge, dining and kitchen
  • load of washing
  • sew for NY swap
  • wash nappies
  • take Taylor to rollaways!
  • 15min tidy - lounge, dining and kitchen
  • snacks, lunches and drinks
  • take kids to the zoo!
  • 15min tidy - lounge, dining and kitchen
  • toilets
  • wash nappies
  • strip beds
  • wash sheets
  • bbq lunch at Bibra Lake - CANCELLED
  • 15min tidy - lounge, dining and kitchen
  • wash towels
  • organise filing - bills, uni stuff, school, speech etc
  • quick food shop for fresh fruit, veg and other staples only
  • 15min tidy - lounge, dining and kitchen
  • wash nappies
  • 15min tidy - lounge, dining and kitchen

I am logging my dietary intake daily at my fitness pal and have so far done it for 15 days straight. I remember reading somewhere that it takes 30 days to get rid of a bad habit and 60 days to forge a new one.

My fitness/health goals for this week are:
  • >30mins exercise every day
  • log daily at mfp
  • drink 2.5L water daily
  • use the cross trainer >2 times
I am really pleased with the way things have been going over the past couple of weeks :) I've been exercising regularly, eating well and drinking plenty of water so my goals are simply to maintain that plus add in the cross trainer - it will NOT beat me hehehe

My creative goals for this coming week:
  • sew something with a pattern (or strictly follow a tute)
  • cut all pieces for the NY swap before starting sewing!
  • keep my sewing cabinet at least usable (instead of a huge big mess)

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