Monday, January 25, 2010

It's a new week!

Ok, so I've crossed out all the things that DID get done last week and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would look lol.

This week, I'm not going to include the 'bigger stuff' in my plan as I think I'm just going to leave that stuff for after school goes back then I can do it while Ellie is sleeping :)

  • load of washing
  • strip and make beds, wash sheets
  • 15min tidy - lounge, dining, kitchen
  • wash nappies
  • 15min tidy - lounge, dining, kitchen
  • picnic at the Fremantle Esplanade for Australia Day with fireworks
  • load of washing
  • bathrooms
  • 15min tidy - lounge, dining, kitchen
  • WORKING!!!!
  • wash nappies
  • snacks, drinks etc
  • take big kids to the museum for robotic dinosaurs!!!! (bus and train)
  • 15min tidy - lounge, dining, kitchen
  • load of washing
  • toilets
  • Pick up school books and uniforms from the school 
  • meal plan
  • 15min tidy - lounge, dining, kitchen

  • wash nappies
  • wash towels
  • quick shop for fruit and veg
  • bake some lunchbox snacks
  • 15min tidy - lounge, dining, kitchen
  • load of washing (x2)
  • get school bags ready for first day of school
  • organise uniforms
  • 15min tidy - lounge, dining, kitchen
I've decided not to schedule sewing in as it simply drives me crazy having a time where I am 'meant' to be sewing! I much prefer to do it when I WANT to :)

I can't believe how fast the school holidays have gone! This time next week, I'll be coming home from the school with only Ellie!! Our first day of nobody but us :)

Oh in breaking news............ Richard had a doctor's appointment on Friday and he is now allowed to ride again!!! So, today at work they are getting him to deliver for an hour to see how it goes and they will go from there. He is really excited about getting back to work properly and he went for a short ride on his bike on the weekend. He wants to go full time as soon as they will let him so we can get some money behind us which will be GREAT! So proud of my muchard!

I've started training for a short triathlon that I am going to participate in on February 28th. It is only 150m swim, 5km ride and 1.5km run so it's nothing huge but mentally it is!! The swim and the ride I'm fine with but the run is what I really need to work on between now and then (and for a long time after lol). Last night I went for a 55min ride and Saturday my ride was 45mins. I've done myself a training schedule which includes swimming twice a week, c25k three times a week and riding most days (however I'll only be doing training rides 2-3 times a week). Feeling really good about it all!!

Ok, Ellie is asleep and the big kids are chilling in the lounge room so I'm going to go and chuck a load of washing on so I'm ready to strip the beds as soon as Ellie gets up!!

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