Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's been a while.......

So, I haven't been doing a lot really. Was working but have stopped now and getting back into just being Mum :)

We are having a new air conditioner installed Wednesday this week so I'm not allowed to sew until after then (my sewing area is where the air con is being put lol). I am however going to make a note of all the items that I want to make or do in the near future :)

* chunky crayons - as seen here I think these will be a hit with Ellie!
* shower curtain car mat - found here I think all the kids will enjoy this :)
* snail painting - found here I think James in particular will LOVE this one!!
* cardboard lego cars - found here might even convince James to colour in :P
* a whole themed scene - like this not necessarily the ocean but something :)
* some generic painting in the back yard!
* some random drawing turned into stuffed toys - like this
* paint some rocks to make some rock pets - oh, do you remember the days!!!??

That's enough for now I'd say lol.

I am also going to clean up my dining room tomorrow!! It's been needing to be done for so long now........ will be back to update after I've done it! :) I'm part way there lol

I'll also be doing 3 sessions a week with James with speech games (other times will simply be including it in everyday life). This week we are focusing on categories and using three key words to describe scenarios. I'm hoping that getting James into some more craft activities will help improving his speech too :)

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