Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Half the week is over

Hump day is now over!

Today was a big let down. The air con people came around to install the new split system but alas, we are still without said air con. And so....... I got cranky and went out instead of staying home and sorting out the kids bedrooms!

So, today I have;
* dyed Donni's hair (and then she dyed mine)
* made play dough with the kids and then played with it for ages - it turned out pretty crappy though :( dry and crumbly even following Donni's recipe which is always so fab when she makes it!
* washed the nappies
* swept the floors - omg you wouldn't believe how much crap I swept up even after sweeping and mopping last night and the kids being at school/daycare ALL day!!!
* played banana drama with the big kids

I am now thinking about sewing!! My table is nice and clear so I've got plenty of cutting space but what to make first!!?? The challenge for March in the 2010 Challenge is to make a softie and god knows I've got enough cuddle fleece/minky to sink a ship so I might make something for that. James has also put in a few requests for blankets for winter oh and I have Gen's birthday next month and I've got plans for that hehehe. Caitie's birthday is next week but that one is all sorted :)

Richard is working so damn hard at the moment! He is doing a lot of 10hr days and is coming home REALLY exhausted. I really need to start having dinner organised to be ready for 6pm. And so, here is our menu plan for the next fortnight (Thurs-Wed also fits in with the supermarkets sales);

* Thursday - Taylor has dance -  fried rice and thai fish cakes
* Friday - possibly going out......
* Saturday - something simple - bacon and eggs?
* Sunday - lamb korma roast with baked veggies
* Monday - fajitas
* Tuesday -savoury mince
* Wednesday - chicken and veggie stir fry with noodles
* Thursday - fish, chips and salad
* Friday - lasagne and salad
* Saturday - savoury mince
* Sunday - silverside and veggies
* Monday - burritos
* Tuesday - sausages, mash and steamed veggies
* Wednesday - curry with brown rice

Looks good..... now if only someone else would cook it all for me too lol.

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