Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The toy room is done!!

Ok, so last week I finished the toy room but I couldn't find the camera to take pics. Well, I've found the camera :)

So here are the pics! I'm really pleased with it, especially the fact that as everything has it's own home, it all get packed away really easily and the kids have been keeping it tidy with NO help from us!! Woooohoooo!!

View from the door. The cabinet in front of the window I picked up off the side of the road (Thanks Donni) and is just perfect for the toy room! In the drawers, we have (L-R) matchbox cars, littlest petshop animals and bits, random small toys and figurines for the dolls house (the dolls house is folded up and slid in beside the expedit bookcase). The expedit is in the robe recess and we have Taylor's books and other special books on the top shelves, communal books on the bottom shelves, James' books on the second and Ellie's books on the third shelves.

James' little workshop bench is in between the bookcase and the sofa bed (which I also picked up from the side of the road with Donni's help). It keeps it kinda out of sight out of mind for Ellie as she doesn't see it as soon as she walks in the room so it all stays together MUCH better than it used to!

The kids love the sofa bed (please ignore the knickers and makeup on Taylor). James slept on it over the weekend when we had Lilly here for a sleepover. I need to make a cover for it as it's such horrible fabric to sit on!

Beside the sofa bed is the toy box, fan and heater. All necessities of course!

So glad the James and Taylor are sharing a room now! Life is much easier having that extra living area.

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Donella said...

looks great Kel
Can't believe i have still not "seen" it?