Monday, March 15, 2010

the start of a new week

I've been thinking about making little weekly planners for each of the bigger kids so that in the morning I'm not constantly reminding them what is happening. I was browsing blogs earlier and found this post and went ooooh that's a nice simple idea that should work well!! So, I've made the pages and now all I need is to print them :)

Let's see how we are going for the meal plan :P

* Thursday - Richard made the kids and his dinner and I had fried rice
* Friday - possibly going out...... I did indeed go out!!
* Saturday - something simple - bacon and eggs? I made fried rice instead
* Sunday - lamb korma roast with baked veggies I didn't get it out of the freezer in time so we had fajitas!!
* Monday - fajitas so, I need to come up with something else for tomorrow cos we had it tonight lol I'm thinking spag bog (will just have to cook the pasta for the kids as the sauce is in the freezer) and I'll have left over fried rice from last night!
* Tuesday -savoury mince
* Wednesday - chicken and veggie stir fry with noodles
* Thursday - fish, chips and salad
* Friday - lasagne and salad
* Saturday - savoury mince
* Sunday - silverside and veggies
* Monday - burritos
* Tuesday - sausages, mash and steamed veggies
* Wednesday - curry with brown basmati rice

Tomorrow I will be........
* finishing the toy room - vacuum, organise remaining toys
* go through kids drawers and get rid of everything that doesn't fit (both sets of drawers are in the one room now)
* 3 loads of washing to be washed and hung out (after I get the clothes off the line and hang the nappies out)
* sweep whole house
* fold and put away all clothes
* get to school for 2:30pm appt with James' teacher :)

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