Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's a good day :)

This morning, after taking Taylor to school, I took James and Ellie to the shops to get a quick few things before coming home and putting Ellie to bed. After that, I asked James if he wanted to do some painting and surprise surprise, he said YES!!! He generally declines the offer so I was stoked!

So, we got the paints and the new canvas we just bought for him to paint on and went out the back and started to paint. James decided we were painting Dora, who then proceeded to hide "ahind the bushes". James was pretty pleased with his efforts which I will have to take a photo of tomorrow!

Not too long later, after lunch, James came up to me and gave me a big cuddle and said "I had very good fun". I felt very loved!!

The plan for tomorrow is a play dough free for all after school pick up which I'm sure will be enjoyed! Hmmmmm, where is that play dough recipe I had bookmarked??

I think tomorrow I'll also do some baking - gotta do something while tradies install the air con lol.

So, all up today I have;
* spent my vouchers I got for managing Taylor's teeball team for the season (I got 3 new tops and a new purple handbag - so pretty!)
* painted with James
* tidied, sorted, chucked in the dining room
* swept and mopped - dining, kitchen, lounge and hall
* organised my sewing corner - FINALLY! :)
* taken James to dancing

All in all, a good day!

* finish dining table and wipe
* take kids to school/daycare
* put away all folded clothes
* wash nappies
* change James' room into the new toy room!! This will involve moving Taylor's expedit into his room which in itself will involve a LOT of chucking and sorting!!
* Taylor's desk sorted and put in James' room
* James' drawers sorted and put in Taylor's room
* find recipe for play dough play in the afternoon

Looks like a nice productive and busy day!

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