Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Perth's big storm

Ok, on Monday we had a severe storm hit Perth. I sat on the trampoline with James as it rolled in as he hasn't had much opportunity to see lightning as most of our storms are at night time here. He loved seeing the clouds rolling in (and they were amazing!! twisting and surging every which way), the lightning flashes and then exclaiming at the volume of each crash of thunder!

The kids loved the storm, running around in the rain and hail! We had some damn big hail, getting close to golf ball size in some instances, thankfully, the car only received a few dents on the roof and apart from the garage flooding, we escaped unharmed :)

So, here are some pics - pretty crappy but you get the idea :)

James collecting 'yummy ice' to eat heheh
The view from our back step as the storm hit
Doing a jig after the hail has stopped
Scooting down the river hehe
As the water recedes....
The big kid got in on it too!!

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