Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cooking and housework

Wow, it's been almost a month since my last post!!

We've had school holidays, not that it's much of an excuse! Just been lazy with blogging!

I have however been working hard on keeping on top of the housework and I've been doing an alright job :)

I've decided that I'm going to start posting my cooking adventures as I'm endeavouring to slash our food bill!! Last night I made shepherd's pie with beef mince and lentils which came to a grand total of $5.19 including the corn cobs we had with it! Gotta be happy with that! Didn't think to take pics although there is another in the freezer just ready to bake so when we have that, I'll take a pic :)

So, tonight we had sausage casserole with pasta and cauli and broccoli bake.

My dinner plate :)

It was yummy :) cheap too!

I also made Richard's lunches for the week today (he normally makes it himself on Sundays in the slow cooker but he has been working really long hours so I wanted to do it for him - cos I'm such a great wife hehe).

And so, Thai red pork curry with cous cous was made :)

The curry
Gee it smelled GOOD!!

The couscous (looks so exciting hey!)
And in the container ready to be taken for lunch!
I've been doing up a meal planner during the week to use up most of what we have in the freezer (HEAPS!) So, I'll jot down our planner for this week :)

Monday: silverside with steamed veg
Tuesday: spaghetti bog with beef mince and lentils (1.2kg mince so will do 1/2 for spag bog and do something else with the other half)
Wednesday: Moroccan Chicken and Pumpkin soup (slow cooker) with dinner rolls
Thursday: lemon and herb crumbed chicken with continental pasta and salad
Friday: bacon and eggs on toast
Saturday: meatloaf, mash and salad
Sunday: butterfly lamb and steamed veg

And the shopping list to go with this weeks meals?
* potatoes
* sweet potato
* broccoli
* carrots
* tomatoes

We also need the following to see us through the week for lunches and afternoon snacks:
* bread
* milk
* margarine
* fruit
* ham (or diced bacon)
* zucchini
* cheese slices (horrible stuff!! but, Richard 'needs' it if he is going to take sandwiches instead of hot meals for lunches lol)

I'm planning on doing some baking this week!
* pizza scrolls - the whole family LOVE these (Ellie ate FIVE on Friday for lunch)
* savoury muffins
* oat slice

There will be no more buying muesli bars or fruit bars! We will be making all our snacks from now on :)

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