Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday 27/4/10

Tonight was meant to be fettucine carbonara but we ended up with pumpkin soup hehe. I got an email this morning saying my box of veggies has been cancelled :( and so on my trip to get Richard ham for lunches, I bought a big 5.5kg pumpkin for 99c/kg :)

Pumpkin $1.34 (used 1/4 of the pumpkin)
Potatoes $1.00 (used just under 1kg)
Onion $0.20
Bacon $1.50
Garlic $0.05

Total = $4.09 (We used less than half giving a total of $2.05)

We also had a damper with it:
2 cups SR flour $0.40???
1/2 cup milk $0.10
Total = $0.50

Dinner total = $2.55 :)

Today I also made more pizza scrolls. I actually received complaints this morning from Taylor that there were none left lol.

4 cups SR flour - $0.80?
1.25 cups milk - $0.25
cheese - $0.85
ham - $2.00
pizza sauce - $0.75
pineapple - $1.01 (although I ate about 1/4 of it hehe)
Total = $5.66
Which made 39 scrolls giving a cost of $0.14 each

I make the scrolls in place of buying muesli bars and such. The muesli bars we used to buy were $3.14ish for a pack of 6 which is over 50c each so a pretty big saving there!!

Oh, I also made some cookies using LittleBT's recipe which always goes down a treat! I baked around a third of it and have some more in the fridge to bake this week and a large portion in the freezer.
I thought I'd also add a pic of the chicken burgers we had on Friday, they were so tasty!!

Ok, the rest of the week's meals..... I might alter my meal plan I think.

Monday - lamb, cheese and veggie rissoles and potatoes on the bbq in the park $4.19
Tuesday - pumpkin soup - $2.55
Wednesday - veal curry in the slow cooker with couscous - $5.48
Thursday - pepper steak/chicken schnitzel, mash and vegetables - $5.10
Friday - bacon and eggs on toast with tinned spaghetti - $5.63
Saturday - spaghetti pasta - $2.64
Sunday - beef burgers with salad on toast - $5.23

I don't actually need to buy anything for this weeks meals but will do the shopping on Saturday (making the most of any markdowns) for next week.

We have James' tonsillectomy next Monday so will be an easy couple of days meals I think :)

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