Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fortnightly meal plan

Ok, I've been lazy not posting but we've been doing pretty well with not wasting money on food generally. This past week I've been sick and James got his tonsils out 3/5/10 so pretty hectic lately.

I've done the meal plan for the next fortnight and I don't need to buy ANY meat to make all this! :)

Sunday: chicken burritos with corn
Monday: low fat sausages with mash and steamed veg
Tuesday: pasta bog (sauce in freezer is mince and lentil)
Wednesday: slow cooker beef and veg soup with pearl barley
Thursday: left over soup with bread or damper?
Friday: tandoori chicken pieces with veggies
Saturday: veal curry with cous cous
Sunday: rolled beef roast with baked veggies
Monday: shepherd's pie with salad
Tuesday: slow cooker apricot chicken with rice
Wednesday: jaffles/eggs on toast (footy training)
Thursday: chicken fried rice
Friday: meatloaf with mash and salad
Saturday: minestrone soup? (or some other sort of soup to use up leftover veg)
Sunday: lamb korma roast jacket potatoes and steamed veg

I'm also going to make another pumpkin soup tomorrow to use up some more of the pumpkin in the fridge and freeze it in individual portions.

Shopping list for tomorrow:
bread, milk, potatoes, fruit oh and dish washing liquid!


Me-O-Mi said...

I'm coming to your place to live with the ultra organised meal plans and home baked goods everyday!

Kelly said...

lol you may see that it's faded somewhat in the past few weeks Lees

Me-O-Mi said...

I am going to attempt to learn to use a meal plan and hopefully save some money!!! So starting this week was pretty happy that my food shop came in just on budget so now to look at my plan. I am going to be checking your blog for cheap foody ideas!! :)