Saturday, April 24, 2010

The week's meals in text

Sorry about the lack of pics, I kept forgetting to take them!!

Wednesday - Moroccan pumpkin and chicken soup with buttered bread - went down a treat! $5.96
Thursday - rissoles with vegetable bake - another winner!! $5.35
Friday - lemon and herb crumbed chicken burgers with salad on multigrain rolls - yummo!! $7.85

Tomorrow night we are having meatloaf with mash and salad and Sunday we are having butterflied lamb with steamed veg (gourmet night lol).

So, costing for the week's meals:

Monday - $7.54
Tuesday - $2.64
Wednesday - $5.96
Thursday - $5.35
Friday - $7.85
Saturday - $4.59
Sunday - $10.75

So, my total for this week is............................ (drumroll please).............................. $44.68
I'm really happy with that!!

Now today when I went shopping (spent $75) I stumbled across some marked down mince so bought 7 packs of that hehehe. The most expensive pack was $1.84 with the markdown as it was already on special! So, that gives us another week of cheap meat in the freezer! I have also ordered a box of fruit and veg to be delivered next Friday!

For $59.32 (delivery is free), I'm getting:
2x rockmelons
4kg Hi early apples (lunchbox size)
2x red capsicums
4x sweet corn (planning on cutting these in half to do us for two meals)
2x broccoli
3x 1kg carrots
1x celery
1x cabbage
1x cauliflower
4kg potatoes (gourmet)
4x sweet potatoes
4x butternut pumpkins
3x zucchinis

Depending on the sizes of some of it, I'm hoping it's a good deal! Hoping that it will do us for vegetables for a fortnight and I think it should however I'm still going to have to buy salad stuff when I do the shopping. Now if only I could find a place that would sell me cheap groceries and deliver for free hehehe

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