Monday, March 8, 2010

Plans for the week...

I've been feeling like time is simply passing me by without actually accomplishing much at all. So, I've decided that I'm going to list weekly goals for what I want to achieve in all different areas of life. So, for this week, my goals are......

Health & Fitness
* walk or ride kids to school daily (I won't be able to do this on Wednesday but can every other day) failing miserably at this - Ellie keeps sleeping in lol
* redo week 2 of the couch to 5km program before embarking on week 3 next week
* swim 45mins at least once this week
* get back to into my healthy eating - I was feeling MUCH better when I was eating healthy (less tired, more energy and happier/less moody)

* dismantle James' bed and set his room up as our new toy room (planned for Wednesday afternoon)
* sort through/chuck the crap on the expedit in the dining room (not until the rest of the dining room is done)
* sort through Taylor and James' clothes and chuck/sell/give/op shop stuff that is too small (planned for Wednesday afternoon)

* get all the bits and pieces I need to make the items I plan to next week (will need to make a list for this!)
* do a different craft activity each day with the kids - Tuesday will be painting, Wednesday we are going to make play dough, Thursday will be some drawing (possibly on fabric to make some simple stuffed toys) and Friday we are going to do some simple embroidery like this. Will put my thinking cap on to decide what to do over the weekend :)

* tidy up the dining room table - sort, chuck, put away and wipe table
* tidy up the dining room floor - sort, pack away fabrics, chuck crap, sweep and mop
* keep on top of all the washing - nappies every second day, towels weekly, sheets fortnightly (unless soiled)
* do a 15min tidy of all living areas before dinner time so far so good :)
* do a meal plan for the next fortnight and ONLY buy what we don't already have to fill the meal plan

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