Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's not failing if you keep going, right?

Ok, so this week so far has gone completely NOT to plan!

Tomorrow was going to be a trip to the zoo but I've decided to do that next week instead and tomorrow catch up around the house :)

So, here is the NEW plan for tomorrow January 15th

  1. Washing - wash two loads, bring all washing in, fold and put away - one done!
  2. Meal plan - 14 meals for the fortnight and shopping list to suit done!!
  3. Dining room -  sweep, chuck crap, organise sewing area (this is a BIG job and I've done half so far)
  4. Floors - sweep and mop (will be done after the kids are in bed tonight)
  5. Clean bathrooms - showers, toilets, vanities, bath
  6. Appliance cupboard - sort and wipe out
  7. Bake something with the kids for snacks 
  8. Do the shopping
There, that's enough for tomorrow. I will log in during the day and cross things off the list as I do them :)

Oh and what DID I do from my lists this week???

  • sort out the linen cupboard - in desperate need of being done! I'm thinking I'll follow the hint of putting the sheet sets inside the matching pillow case so things don't get separated
  • plan what I am making for the EB new year sewing swap
Gee, didn't get much done at all did I!!??

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