Saturday, November 6, 2010

Getting my sewjo back!

So, it's been a while since I last posted!! 2 months in fact!!

We've had two birthdays since then! Elise is now 2 and Taylor is now 9 - where oh where did that time go?? I can't believe it's almost a decade since I found out I was pregnant with Taylor! Will post some pics of their birthdays a bit later :)

Today, (well, all week really) I've been getting inspired to get back into my sewing! The drawback to that is that my sewing area - whilst I do actually have a designated sewing area - is not in the least organised or unpacked from our move!! So what's a girl to do? I rummaged in the boxes to find what I wanted and got to sewing hehe. The lazy me is still alive and well!

So, today I've made Ellie two outfits :) I think they may end up forming part of her Christmas presents.

I bought this flower print at spotlight ages ago with Donni! Only $2/m from memory and I had 2m of it so will be making either a skirt or pants for Taylor as well as another skirt for Ellie (one with pockets I think!). It is the first yoyo I have made and I'm ok with how it turned out. Would have preferred it smaller but couldn't be bothered undoing it :P I picked some shirts up for Ellie from Best and Less for only $3 each and I might have to go back and get some more in larger sizes I think!

The first outfit

The second

This fabric I actually bought to make something for Taylor.... shhhhh don't tell her!! hehee This yoyo is much smaller and suits the size of the button MUCH more!

Tomorrow after teeball, I'll endeavour to sort out some more of my stuff so I can get cracking on some pants! I didn't want to get my patterns out without unpacking properly! I can feel a pile of summery pants for Ellie coming along!! I also have a few pieces of fabric set aside for pj pants (lightweight cotton) so will get onto them in the near future too :)

And with that, I'm off to watch The Backup Plan before hitting the hay :)

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Donella said...

well done,on both counts the sewing and the blogging hahahh.
i have one word for you JEALOUS.