Saturday, September 4, 2010

19 weeks 3 days

Yay, we are petty much at the half way point! :)

Here is a pic of my belly at 13 and 18 weeks (didn't take one this week)

I haven't put on any weight so far which I'm happy about :) Fingers crossed I can keep it that way!

We had our big scan on Tuesday and all went well! We had all the kids with us which was just so much fun lol. I don't think we could ever take enough food with us to keep them happy for an hour! Both babies measuring a week ahead which is great :) I'm hoping that we won't end up with two 9lb+ babies but it is entirely possible!

We got a few pics to share and found out that we are expecting a boy and a girl :) Taylor is decidedly happy!! She was almost petrified that she would end up with another two "annoying brother" hehehe. I may have been nasty and told her it's two boys :P I did however tell her the truth and she is now ecstatic!

Without further ado:
Twin A: (having a big stretch)
Twin B:
Laying on top of each other:
Twin A:
Twin B:

Still quite surreal. Hard to believe there are two babies in my belly!! Even though I do look 7 months pregnant at not even 20 weeks lol.

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Kristy said...

oh what awesome pics. Love the 'boy' and 'girl' bits pics - it's really obvious when you can see it like that huh.

How very exciting!

Best of best wishes from me, from all of us.