Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Well, it's been a looooooong time!

I can't believe it's been so long since I have posted!

We are only a couple of weeks out from welcoming our SIXTH child into our family! I NEVER thought I'd be a Mum to six.

We are living in Geraldton after moving back to Perth for a while after the twins were born. We're here to stay this time :)

Taylor starts at Nagle this year. She is VERY excited about starting high school and the new life opening up for her.

James is going in to Year 3 at St John's while Ellie is going into Pre-Primary. Both are very excited!

Duck and Weeno turn three next week although we had their party a couple of days ago as Richard is in Perth for training for work. He started a traineeship with Telstra in October and is so far really enjoying it.

We moved back to Geraldton in July (Richard came up in August after packing the rest of the house). We stayed at Jo's in her granny flat while we were looking for a house. It took MUCH longer than any of us thought and we are soooooo thankful to Jo and Wade for letting us stay :)

Life is so much better after moving back up here. James has stopped his incessant picking at his arms and legs and is coping much better with school and live in general. We have friends that value spending time with us and put the effort in to seeing us :) We definitely made the right choice in coming back!

Well, it is January and that time of year that results in reflection and self-analysis..... so what do I/we want to achieve this year?

2014 goals

  • pay off our car by July
  • have money on hand for all expected expenses
  • have an emergency savings fund
  • have savings for holidays/travel
  • reduce clutter in our home - started this before moving but need to get back into it
  • take time every day to enjoy life - sometimes an easy thing to forget to do!
  • SEW!! It's been a long time and generally I don't do it because it involves cleaning up first (laziness) so I want to get cracking on it - I have a few projects that I want to start ASAP
  • cook more/buy less - school snacks in particular
  • I have written up a budget which covers all expenses worked out over a 12 month period. This accounts for school fees, vehicle rego and maintenance/repairs, Christmas and Birthdays, car loan and savings. I have separate accounts for each so easy to track
  • I have joined an online 'organise your home' sort of group. Enjoying it so far :) (have to start by catching up on housework before getting into the organisational phase) So, that's what I'm doing this week - attacking Mt Washmore (almost finished) and Mt Foldmore (lots still to go), steam mopping floors and getting the kids back in the routine of tidying up the mess they make BEFORE making more mess or running off to bed.
  • I'm going to get my recipes out and get the kids to each pick a snack item they want to make and we'll do that in the last week of the holidays - cooking fun with the kids AND pre-preparing snacks = win win!

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