Wednesday, June 16, 2010

8 weeks down, 32 to go!

Richard and I went for our scan this morning. I was extremely anxious but he was cool as a cucumber hehehe. All is going well with both babies - YAY!!!

Both bubbas - measuring just 1 day apart

Twin 1s heartbeat 143bpm

Twin 2s heartbeat 154bpm

The doctor doing the scan was lovely! So, off we went home then I went out for a lovely lunch with Mum at the Kewdale hotel. Scrummy salt and pepper squid - YUM!!!!!!

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Kez said...

Congrats!! I followed ur blog coz i think i saw it one of my friends. Her name is Kate. I noticed all the cheap meals you make and ur meal plans look scrumptious and making them soo cheap. Wish i loved cooking but sadly i hate it.