Wednesday, July 14, 2010

12 weeks done :)

Taylor came along with me this morning for our 12 week scan and had a great time seeing her little tiny siblings!!

It's felt like a really long time coming getting to this point (found out I was pregnant before 4 weeks even!) and we've known that we are expecting two since 6 weeks. Hopefully we will be all moved and sorted soon then I can relax and just enjoy what will be my last ever pregnancy :)

Both twins are measuring exactly on track for dates and were moving heaps! Found out that we have one anterior and one posterior placenta as well.

So, more pics of course!!

3D pic of both bubs (it's a big fat placenta in between their heads lol)

To begin with, Twin A was kicking Twin B in the head (sibling rivalry already!!) and then Twin B turned so they could kick each other hehe.

Twin As heartbeat of 153bpm

Twin Bs heartbeat of 165bpm

This one isn't the best pic but it's both babies with their heads together (on the left is a profile pic looking up and on the right is looking to the screen)

The risks as a result of the NT measurements (didn't have the blood test as they are notoriously inaccurate with multiples) were great. 1: 3549 for Down's, 1:5079 for Edward's and 1:21091 for Patau's - very happy about all of that :)

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